A downloadable game for Windows

You must complete your short task list without getting bogged down by the requests from all your friends. It's a small village, everyone knows you and will come chase you down for favours!

This game was created as part of Ludum Dare 38.

  • Art: Lianne Booton (@Liannethy)
  • Programming: George Baron (@PixelbearGames)


EDIT: Pushed some more fixes and nailed a problem with one of the shaders (Big thanks to Madpew for pointing me in the right direction for that one!)

Just pushed an update that might fix some of the problems with crashing. I was getting reports that the game crashed after the introduction, which leads me to believe the map loading was causing a bottleneck on some systems. I parallelised the map loading into multiple chunks, so this should help?

Also made some shader modifications. These I can't really debug without testing on lots of systems which... I don't have access to. So those fixes are more of a guessing game.

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip!

Note: If the game lags or crashes, disable shaders in the introduction. I am currently looking into the crash reports!


Dog Days.zip 27 MB


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Great game with a super sad theme. I got a real good kick while watching my friend play it check out our video.

Crash after intro settings

Crashes when clicking on the intro text, no matter options. Can't play:( Also a link to jam page would be nice!

(1 edit)

Sadly crashes for me, right after the introscreen. Win7 64bit, both fullscreen and windowed.

Edit: New version fixed the error for me.

A short and relaxing experience. Love the theme and setting.

Cheers for letting me know! It'll be one of the shaders. I've had other reports, so I'll look into it before voting for Ludum Dare starts on Friday. :)