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hanks for playing my game! If you enjoyed it, please consider donating to allow me to continue doing what I love.

Download: Click here! (Allows fullscreen!)

Post-Mortem now available! (Removed)

Update: Octodad (Aqua Style) has been added!

Update V1.1: Added two songs that were missing! Batman and Ground Zeroes. Go nuts!

  • Player 1: WASD to move cursor/hit arrows in-game
  • Player 2: arrow keys to move cursor/hit arrows in-game
  • F for fullscreen [ONLY IN DOWNLOAD]
  • Backspace to exit a level mid-level
  • +/- to increase or decrease volume

All of your favourite (well...) Reviewsical hits from the VideogamerUK team, all in one hilariously fun package! Select the character you wish to marry, tap along to the hand-crafted levels and contend for the highest scores in the online leaderboards.

Not enough? Well how about you bring a friend along! The game is fully co-op enabled to allow for competitive play.

A download is also available, which allows you to play the game in all of its fullscreen glory!

Make sure to follow me on twitter ( @PixelbearGames) and feel free to ask me any questions about the game. You know. The fuck was I thinking when I decided to make it? That's a good one. Or perhaps who I'd like to marry? Actually, I can answer that now. Jim. Just look at that fiery beard. Good enough to make a grown man whimper.

  • Massive thanks to VideogamerUK for recording and providing the voices to the characters, and the whole of Videogamer.com for being incredibly nice in general. You guys rock! Links: Website, Youtube, Twitter
  • Another big thanks to Matt Lees for also recording his lovely voice and sending it to me, especially since his schedule was so busy at the time of asking! If you love his stuff, please take a look at his Patreon. Personally, I believe he deserves all the money he can get. Links: Twitter, Patreon
  • Also a thanks to whomever created the Master of Puppets 8-bit music. I found it on Youtube, and no name was given in the description (and the person that uploaded it obviously didn't create it...) I can however provide the link to the video. Links: Youtube