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Originally created for the Ludum Dare 26 competition. Original entry can be found HERE.

A Windows download is also available HERE.


CONTROLS (partially in-game):

Character controls:

Arrow keys/WASD to move
Left click to attack:
[Attack + no movement = Heavy]
[Attack + movement = Light]
[Attack + jump = Jump attack]

Customisation controls:

Left click to pick up limb (has a stat icon above it)
Left click on player to stick limb to player


+/- to increase or decrease sound volume


You are a prisoner stuck in a "private" basement, captured by a lonely nerd going by the pseudonym "King". However, you are not one to stay put. Fight your way through hordes of enemies, gruesomely sticking their limbs to yourself as you go!


This is a game that Lianne Booton of Team Sadbrains and Pixelbear put together in 2 and a half days. Pixelbear did the programming, Lianne did the art!
We took the theme in a slightly different route to most people - instead of having the graphics minimalist, we decided upon reducing some of our favourite things about other games into their core elements - such as simple fighting mechanics, basic character customisation and a little bit of stat building. We hope you have fun, and thanks for playing! :D


Programming - George 'Pixelbear' Baron
Art - Lianne Booton

Music -

Ove Melaa - Heaven Sings (Omsofware@hotmail.com)
Zander Noriega - The Wreck @codingobviously